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Reminders from a Mountain: The Beginning

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I am incredibly passionate about a number of things and top of my list are hiking, traveling, and organizational health. I don't always try to combine my passions, but they just so happen to often overlap.

When I am hiking or traveling in gorgeous places, shockingly, things rarely go to plan. There are unplanned detours, unexpected weather, unplanned extra mileage, lack of water... all just part of the experience. This causes the management, leadership and "always be learning and growing" part of my brain to be constantly thinking up different lessons. Since I am a G/E (Galvanizer/Enabler), if I think something will be helpful to others, I want the world to know, hence Reminders From a Mountain was born.

I want to remind people of random lessons I think of that have been helpful to me and of course share some of the ridiculous situations I get myself into whilst traveling and hiking (usually solo).

I also get the opportunity to share pictures of some of the gorgeous places and things I get to see while on these adventures. Hopefully sparking some of the adventurer in you and showing you new places to go to and mountain you should climb.

I leave you with this - if you get the opportunity, go climb a mountain and chase all the waterfalls.

Ps. Added pictures, because you can't have any Reminders from a Mountain post without mountains!


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