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#9: You have time for what you prioritize

All over Switzerland & Chamonix, France - Just returned from an absolutely amazing solo adventure.

- 19 Days

- At least one hike a day

- 14.5 miles walked/hiked a day on average

- Sunrises and sunsets from insanely gorgeous viewpoints almost every day

- Meeting countless incredible people from all world

- Eating amazing Swiss chocolate

- Getting no physical break, but feeding my soul

The first question I usually get is, "don't you get lonely traveling by yourself?" And the answer is, very rarely. I get to meet the most incredible people. I get to learn about their life, how they got to this moment that we're sitting on a train, bus or climbing a mountain together. I get to take pictures for people who usually don't get to have nice pictures together. I get to cheer them on when they reach the top of a particularly difficult mountain. And I get to learn about what people did that day and tell them about mine and completely change both of our plans for the next day because we both learned of new places that we didn't know existed!

But the second question (although it's usually not really a question) I usually get is, "must be nice to be able to do things like that" (or some sort of variation of that). To which I then hop on my soap box about how important it is to actively prioritize what is most important to you. I am able to go on amazing trips because I prioritize hiking and adventuring because they give me life. It's important to me to spend the time and money to have incredible adventures. It doesn't happen by accident - I make many very intentional decisions so I am able to do all of these things.

If I didn't make many intentional decisions to use my vacation time a certain way, save money, physically get ready to spend 19 days hiking - I also wouldn't be able to do the amazing adventures that I do.

Now think about work and life: This one is a doozy.

What is actually important to you?

Is is family? Friends? Faith? Travel? Coffee?

Now the million dollar question, if you looked at how you spend your time, resources and talents - would it reflect what's most important to you?

If there is a disconnect, now is a great time to try to fix the gap.

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Sarah Holbrook
Sarah Holbrook
02 Νοε 2022

Amen, sister!

Now to go and live this out..........

Don't be surprised if I quote this to you later thinking it was actually me that came up with it.

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