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#8: Slow down and take stock before throwing in the towel

Appenzell, Switzerland

There is a hike there that I’ve wanted to do for many years and the last time I went to do it, it was pouring down rain and I ended up running part of the way, then some very nice Swiss man took pity on me and drove me to the train station. But I digress..

So after a 3.5 hour train ride, I arrived on a beautifully amazing, sunny day.

Finally back where I thought this hike started. I cheerfully paid my round trip fare (with a slight hitch when I had brought all my luggage assuming I would have somewhere to store it and a wonderful Swiss woman helped me out and stored my luggage in their office… the Swiss are so good to me) and off I was!

I marveled at the sight of seeing 5 different countries from one viewpoint (well 4 countries and the principality of Liechtenstein if we’re going to be accurate). Then off I went round and round trying to figure out where on earth this hike started.

I took a path that looked promising and ended up on a loop back at the top. I looked at the signs for hikes and didn’t see the one I was planned to do and it didn’t look like there was a way down off this cliff.

“Good gracious” I thought as I longingly looked across the way, where I was planning to be. At least I have one beautiful view of where I want to go.

Should I go back down and try a different way? I was already there later than I meant to be and had to be back to pick up my luggage before the train station closed. Annoyed and defeated, I decided I would take the gondola back down and figure out the correct way to get there. But I decided to take a beat and take out my phone to see if I had reception and started googling.

Turns out you had to follow signs for a different hike, then go past that one and voilà, I was gifted the most amazing, magical experience. The fall colors were bright and beautiful, the fog waited to roll in until around when I reached my destination, and the Swiss alps were stunning and gorgeous as always.

But if my stubborn dedication to ‘using my time wisely’ and ‘not wasting any time on things that aren’t worth it’ had got in the way, I would have missed out on one of the most incredible hikes I did on this trip!!

Now think about work:

- Are there things you’ve been so frustrated about that you are planning on giving up? Take a step back and take stock. Maybe there is another way to accomplish the same task, just in a different way.

- Maybe you are ready to quit because you just hate your job? Take a deep breath and understand what parts of work you naturally derive energy from and see where you can focus your time that may give you life instead of deplete you. (I don’t always mean to plug Working Genius, but here we are again).

- Ready to throw in your hat on being a people leader? Maybe you just need some better tools in your tool belt (I can help you there)!


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