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Hi, I’m Becca Savino, an Organizational Health Consultant, world traveler, and avid hiker living in the Pacific Northwest. 


I am incredibly passionate about helping people thrive at work and the impact that it can have on the rest of their lives.


Throughout the years, I’ve seen the influence one person on a team can make - either positive or negative. I’ve seen what a lack of clarity or accountability from leadership looks like and the ripple effect it has on the team. I’ve seen leaders fight for their people, eliminate confusion with clear communication and create safe spaces for healthy conflict - all resulting in cohesive teams that flourish.



Almost everyone will spend more time at work in their lifetime than anything else they do. If we are miserable at work, we are likely letting the frustration, exhaustion and negativity seep into the rest of our lives - so even when we’re home, we’re not getting to spend quality time with those around us, we’re just recovering. 


If more organizations would spend time getting the right people in the right roles, teams would be much more effective, productivity would skyrocket and people would be more fulfilled in their work.




I began to realize the weight and importance of organizational health in college after reading the book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. I was so convinced that this was the most incredible untapped competitive advantage, that I went on to read the rest of his work and spent far too much of my free time learning about the world of organizational health


This coupled with my passion for great leadership and management has led me to help others understand the effect of leadership, direction, and trust on an organization as a whole.


With each role I’ve had, I have put into practice all the research I’ve gathered on organizational health, such as:

  • How to have healthy conflict

  • How to create safe spaces to help people thrive

  • How to cultivate a culture of appreciation and compassion

  • What good leadership looks like


I’m happy to say, the results speak for themselves. 


Today, using a collection of very simple and effective models, I equip people with practical and effective models that can be put into practice immediately.


By doing this, we create sustainable change and empower everyone to be more productive, effective, and fulfilled at work.



Enough about me, let’s chat about how I can help you.

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When you find your true north, you discover your authentic self. It’s a combination of your purpose and your beliefs. You decide what you value most in life and put that at the forefront.

Just as a compass points at a fixed point on the globe, your personal true north pulls you forward. It guides you on your path to your destination and helps you stay on track to become the best person and the best team leader you can be.




True North is a precise, concise, and universal set of ideals that when followed provides defined direction for the organization.


In any organization, True North will work as a compass to guide you from current conditions to where you want to go.

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